Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 195, August 29, 2019

Are you ready for some football? As in, the huge Auburn vs Oregon matchup?

For most college football coaches, the textbook wisdom would hold that you schedule the Fighting Sisters of the Poor as your opening game to avoid a blemish on your record right out of the gate.

So what does Auburn do for Gus Malzahn in this, a critical must win season, with the head coach starting a true freshman at QB?  Book an opening game with the 11th ranked Oregon Ducks, who will be starting the odds on first round QB draft in Justin Herbert.

But Malzahn appears to be embracing this opportunity for his Auburn team, who most pundits believe to have the first or second toughest schedule in all of college football.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the analysis, as we kick yet another joyous season of college football here in the Deep South!