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Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 120, August 29, 2016

With college football opening game week having blissfully arrived, Coach John Ray and Doug Dean bring special guest Stan White on to discuss the somewhat larger than life opening game pitting the Auburn Tigers against the # 2 preseason nationally ranked Clemson Tigers in Jordan-Hare stadium this Saturday night, September 3rd.

As the Auburn Football Network color analyst, and a close observer of Auburn football, White brings a crisp, insightful perspective to the key elements of this early season big game, along with a look back at his own huge game start as a redshirt freshman in 1990 against the # 5 ranked Tennessee Volunteers which ended in a 26-26 tie.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 119, Aug. 26, 2016

News broke the night of Thursday, August 25th, of Coach Gus Malzahn’s somewhat expected naming of Sean White as starting quarterback for the Auburn vs Clemson opener, which is just eight days away.  Most observers fully expected White to get the nod given such a pressurized opening game, but with a likely planned in-game changeup in JUCO transfer John Franklin III.

Join Coach Ray and Doug Dean as they discuss this first critical 2016 season move by Gus Malzahn, how it figures strategically in the Clemson game, as well as other dynamics with Auburn’s Fall camp preparations in their efforts to knock off the # 2 ranked Clemson Tigers on the night of September 3rd in Jordan-Hare Stadium.
NEXT UP Episode 120, Aug. 29, 2016: Special guest, Auburn Network color analyst Stan White. Show with Stan should publish by Monday night, Aug. 29th.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 118, August 15, 2016

With Fall Camp winding down and the September 3rd opener versus the # 2 ranked Clemson Tigers dead ahead, Coach Gus Malzahn is working feverishly to put the right formula in place to return to 2013 and 2014 offensive form.

With the dismissal of Jovon Robinson, one of the key riddles to solve is exactly how to allocate the ground game touches among the running backs.

As luck would have it, two of the running backs on the 2016 depth chart who may BOTH figure big in 2016 played for then Madison Academy (Huntsville, AL) head coach Eric Cohu.  Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they interview Coach Cohu about the elite physical, mental, and personal traits that Kerryon Johnson and Malik Miller bring to the table.  Coach Cohu also gives insight into why his former offensive tackle, 6′ 7″ 285 lb. Austin Troxell, who committed to join teammates Miller and Johnson at Auburn in 2017, was so highly recruited by scores of big time programs.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 117, August 9, 2016

If it’s August, every football fan in America has a strong opinion as to which college football teams are going to rise up, and either live up to the preseason hype, or shock the world coming from out of nowhere to have a monster season.  But football preseason forecasting guru Phil Steele boasts a No. 1 overall ranking in the Stassel rating system among the many preseason magazines over the past 18 seasons!  As such, when Phil Steele talks, people {should} listen.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they welcome special guest Phil Steele for his highly data-driven, deep dive analysis of the national contenders, the SEC West and East, and of particular interest to Auburn fans, his analysis of the Clemson Tigers who will invade Jordan-Hare stadium in the season opener on September 3rd.

Warning to the gloomers:  Compared to most pundits, Steele is actually fairly bullish on the Auburn Tigers as one of his “undervalued” 2016 teams.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 116, August 4, 2016

If there is validity to the axiom that there is no such thing as “bad PR”, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn started Fall football camp with a bang in the stunning dismissal of would-be starting running back Jovon Robinson.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they break down the actual impact of the loss of a workhorse back like Robinson, and what direction Malzahn and his staff are likely to head to ensure that offensive production does not suffer as a result.