Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 117, August 9, 2016

If it’s August, every football fan in America has a strong opinion as to which college football teams are going to rise up, and either live up to the preseason hype, or shock the world coming from out of nowhere to have a monster season.  But football preseason forecasting guru Phil Steele boasts a No. 1 overall ranking in the Stassel rating system among the many preseason magazines over the past 18 seasons!  As such, when Phil Steele talks, people {should} listen.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they welcome special guest Phil Steele for his highly data-driven, deep dive analysis of the national contenders, the SEC West and East, and of particular interest to Auburn fans, his analysis of the Clemson Tigers who will invade Jordan-Hare stadium in the season opener on September 3rd.

Warning to the gloomers:  Compared to most pundits, Steele is actually fairly bullish on the Auburn Tigers as one of his “undervalued” 2016 teams.