Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 197, September 10, 2019

Auburn Tigers are sitting pretty at 2-0, 8th in the nation . . . or are they?

Ah, such is the reality of college football, right?  Is that spectacular glass of Cabernet half FULL?  Or are my eyes fooling me, and it’s half EMPTY in merely week two of the 2019 college football season?

Metaphorically, speaking, that is . . .

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for analysis of exactly where the Auburn Tigers sit week three of the college football season, with arguably the best defense in the SEC, yet an offense which, albeit only two games in, has Auburn fans frustrated and befuddled given that this is head coach Gus Malzahn’s seventh season.

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Music used: For You King by Ender G├╝ney

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