Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 114, July 19, 2016

There are few football coaching resumes in Alabama that boast the remarkable run of 45 years that retired Troy University head football coach Larry Blakeney can claim, with accolades too numerous to mention.

Coach Blakeney has a distinct Auburn football pedigree as well, having been the first sophomore QB to be named a starter by Coach Ralph “Shug” Jordan, and coached under Pat Dye in some of Auburn’s most successful seasons.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they pick Coach Blakeney’s¬†formidable football brain on a wide array of subjects from the state of offensive football in Division I today, areas he expects Gus Malzahn to work to solve in 2016, and what tactics he found effective in red zone scoring, an area that Malzahn will look to address in his offensive turnaround.

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