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Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 183, November 8, 2018

Riding the wave of a stunning 10 point come from behind victory over the Texas A&M Aggies, Gus Malzahn got words of confidence from AD Allen Greene that he will return as head coach for 2019.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion, covering a look back at the win over the Aggies, Malzahn’s newfound job security as head coach, and the renewal of the deep South’s oldest rivalry between the hedges this Saturday night!

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 182, November 1, 2018

While in no way impacting the SEC West race standings, this Saturday’s Auburn vs Texas A&M game at Jordan-Hare stadium has major implications for the head coaching future of Gus Malzahn at Auburn. It is not an overstatement to term it “must win”, most likely.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion!

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 181, October 25, 2018

It certainly seemed that going on the road to Oxford, MS last Saturday was the right medicine for an Auburn team, and head coach, Gus Malzahn who were under considerable fire after playing so poorly in a loss to the Tennessee Vols. Auburn played superb defensively, largely shutting down the explosive Rebels offense, and the Tigers even managed to break 250 yards in rushing, which had been elusive all season.

At the same time, the good will gained can evaporate quickly if the losing returns against first year head coach Jimbo Fisher and his Texas A&M Aggies who will visit Jordan-Hare stadium on November 3rd.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion as where Coach Malzahn stands, and the opportunity for the Tigers heading into a very challenging Amen Corner.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 180, October 18, 2018

Coach Gus Malzahn on Perilously Thin Ice

Objectively, sixth year Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn has gotten himself in an extremely treacherous position in terms of his job security going forward. While that may sound odd to the casual observer given Malzahn’s agent Jimmy Sexton leveraging an insane $32 million buyout last December, the ardent support of both the Auburn fan base and power brokers is evaporating.

Against this backdrop of desperation, Auburn heads to Oxford to take on an Ole Miss team that can light up the scoreboard, yet struggle to stop almost any offense. The outcome could make the coming bye week seem like the longest two weeks in memory with the Texas A&M Aggies coming to Jordan-Hare on November 3rd.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 179, October 11, 2018

For all realistic purposes for the Auburn Tigers, the 2018 season’s hopes to contend for the SEC well into November went up in smoke in a miserable performance in Starkville last Saturday night, as the Tigers lost 23-9.

The heat level on head coach Gus Malzahn, including from his own fan base, is palpable, as almost no noticeable improvement has occurred with the offense now six games into the season. Showing some progress, and delivering a win over first year VOLS head coach Jeremy Pruitt can be fairly called desperately needed.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 178, Oct. 4, 2018

Auburn looks to find offense on the road in StarkVegas

Although the Auburn Tigers sit in the enviable position of a lofty 8th national ranking despite the loss to LSU, there is still a frustrating vibe among Auburn fans because of an offense that is largely anemic five games in. And conventional wisdom is that going on the road for a night game with a stout Mississippi State defense, with cowbells clanging, would not be the Rx for a cure on offense.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they break down this Auburn team, and what it will take to deliver what would be State’s third consecutive loss, and a big win which could help the Tigers get things rolling offensively.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 177, September 25, 2018

Missing Link: The Auburn Offense

It’s treacherous and often “bad karma” to complain about any 34-3 decisive win against an SEC opponent. But nonetheless, Auburn fans are rightly confused and frustrated that despite fielding a terrific defense, and explosive special teams, the offense simply has not found an identity and SEC caliber production as yet.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the analysis!

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 176, September 18, 2018

In most any competitive SEC West game, if you hold an opponent to 122 yards rushing, and 14 of 42 passing (33% completion rate), you’d fully expect to have won the game, especially at home. But that was not the case for Auburn last Saturday, thanks to a potpourri of mistakes and blown opportunities.

In an unusual game cluttered with mistakes by the home Auburn Tigers, and a slew of penalties, the door was opened for LSU to pull the upset, which they did, 22-21.

Coach John Ray and Doug Dean analyze the key factors in the loss, as they become critical to correct as the Tigers move on with this Saturday’s Auburn vs Arkansas game.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 175, September 12, 2018

Gus Malzahn’s Auburn Tigers are 7th ranked, undefeated, and sporting what usually wins you big games – a deep and elite defense, and a proven veteran quarterback in Jarrett Stidham. It also bodes well for Auburn that this Saturday’s matchup against 12th ranked LSU will be in the rabid confines of Jordan-Hare stadium, where Auburn has won 13 straight games, including back to back wins over # 1 ranked Georgia and # 1 ranked Bama last November.

Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the analysis of this interesting matchup, and what it will take for Auburn to beat LSU, moving their record to 3-0 to position themselves well for a “back-loaded” schedule against Bama, Georgia, and very likely, another rematch with Georgia if they were to win the Iron Bowl.

Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 174, September 3, 2018

Key takeaways from Auburn’s huge win over # 6 ranked Washington

When December arrives, it’s entirely possible that Gus Malzahn and his coaching staff will look back on their huge 21-16 win over the Washington Huskies as critical to a selection by the college football four team playoff selection committee.

Obviously, with arguably the nation’s most brutal schedule, that fond September hope will prove to be a dashed dream unless the team is coached up to correct deficiencies which are not uncommon from an opener against a great opponent, particularly in the O-line and rushing attack.

As the surging LSU Tigers prepare to come to Jordan-Hare on September 15th, there is a lot to discuss, so join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the analysis!